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She Complains and complains about the paper, and then she complains about how she feels like a burden in comparison to her husband. She is miserable. She notes how she had a baby before the story began... then she returns to complaining about wallpaper. She comments on how she loves the views from the room, and she loves a lot about the room, but not the yellow wallpaper. She stares at the wallpaper, communicating about its design and how its influenced her for the last few days. She sees figures within the design, a sign that she is losing it. She is told that she might be sent to a neurologist in the fall, and she doesnt want that to happen as the neurologist had been described to be like John in how he treats people. She is talking more and more about the wallpaper, she is infatuated by the wallpaper's design even though she dsilikes it. She wants to go to different places, but can not convince John to let her go anywhere. She dislikes the wallpaper, yet she wonders so much about it. She is starting to imagine that the wallpaper is moving when it is not. She wants to get better, but she does not feel like anything has improved. Once John leaves, she talks about the wallpaper some more. She notes how the wallpaper has an intricate design on the edges, and how it seems to change as the lighting of the room changes. She imagines a woman behind the paper, and she thinks that something is up with the paper. She notes how everywhere she goes she smells a very specific smell, and that there is a mark near the bottom of the walls. She believes that the woman in the wallpaper shakes the front pattern of the wall paper, and that she's trying to climb through the paper.[Link to part 3].